7 Strength Training Exercises for Runners

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Source: RunningCompetitor

Among runners there’s a prevalent myth that they do not need to do strength training as part of their workout regimen.  There are concerns that running is the only type of workout they need, or that strength training will slow them down by ‘adding bulk’ to their frames.  This myth not only negatively impacts a runner’s workout; it can also leave them more susceptible to sustaining injuries.  Runner-specific strength training can help strengthen key muscles that improve posture and balance, can help prevent conditions like ‘runner’s knee’ (caused by an imbalance in the strength of the hip muscles), and can actually help runners to run faster.

If you’re a runner who wants to incorporate strength training into your workout routine, you do need to choose your exercises carefully.  Instead of focusing on pure strength and muscle building, you’ll want to focus on working and strengthening your core muscles.  A lot of the exercises recommended for runners tend to be ‘bodyweight’ exercises; in other words, they use your own body weight as resistance to strengthen targeted muscle groups.

Are you ready to get started?  Here are five exercises tailored for runners to help get you going.  But always remember to consult a professional trainer or your doctor if you have questions about your specific fitness needs.

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