Beware of Fake Foods

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Source: Clinical Posters

It is wise to stay away from fake foods, because the real foods are so much  better forr, in terms of nutritional value and taste. While “natural” foods are superior to “fake” foods, the main reasons that scientists, dieticians, chefs, and health food enthusiasts weigh in on the side of “real” foods because the real thing is better for the human body and mind.

Eating a quality diet composed of real, wholesome foods provides the body with everything it requires to be able to function at its optimum capacity.

Food is the human body’s fuel. The body requires a particular amount of the proper type of fuel to perform as it was designed to perform. Giving the body less than it requires or deserves cheats the body out of using what it needs to work as efficiently and effectively as it can.

A recent  study from 2014 published in the magazine Womens Health divulged the nutritional composition of various controversial foods which were being marketed in their “fake” forms rather than their far superior natural counterparts.  The targeted popular foods were peanut butter, maple syrup, and caramel syrup, instant mashed potatoes, frozen dessert products, and cheeses.

The study reported that various fake substances were being marketed as actually being those products but were not pure forms of the advertised product. Frozen dessert products simulating ice cream but without a dairy composition were being sold as though they were the equivalent of ice cream and dairy – based products. Popular brands of “maple” syrup were sold for use with pancakes without having a drop of real maple syrup in the listed ingredients. Cheese snacks were sold as cheese, but had no real cheese in the food. In all of the above examples, the products being sold were full of chemicals designed to simulate the taste and texture of the real thing while being fake.

It is not disputed that these fake substitutes are less expensive than their real counterparts. Substituting the fake for the real provides a cheap alternative for the budget – conscious consumer. But serving the fake product can be avoided in favor of a real one that is incredibly better tasting and more wholesome for the human body, as well.

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