Body Shaming Is Dangerous To Overall Fitness

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Source: Reveal The Steel

Motivating people to lose weight is a tricky task because people often resort to using body shaming. This is the act of making a person feel ashamed for having their body type. A recent study by the Eisai Pharmaceutical Company found that body shaming is the worst way to increase motivation, as it can not only demoralize a person from weight loss, but actually negatively impact their overall health.

This study tested a team of 159 people suffering from obesity. The study consisted of questionaires that asked questions such as whether they suffered from negative self-beliefs related to their weight (weight bias internalization) and where these beliefs originated.

The study found that those women in the group who did suffer from high levels of weight bias internalization were three times more likely to have a metabolic syndrome and six times more likely to suffer from a higher level of triglycerides in their blood stream.

The leader of the study, Dr. Tom Wadden, called out to the population (including the media and health care providers) to state that “blaming and shaming patients with obesity” was a poor tool in the fight against weight gain. He particularly focused on the ways it contributed to poorer overall health and even the potential for weight gain.

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