Could Yo-Yo Dieting be to Blame for Extra Weight Gain

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We’ve all done it, lost weight then gained it back then lost it again. A new study however has found that yo-yo dieting is likely to cause weight gain that we could have avoided.

The body is incredibly inept at maintaining and regulating food and fat in the body. When we diet for a period then eat normally or even binge, our bodies interpret the times when we diet as famines. It is the same principle that goes along with dieting in general.

You have to eat good foods, not necessarily less foods, so that our bodies do not believe they are starving. When we yo-yo diet our bodies get used to increased food intake and start to rely on that amount of food. Subsequently, when we stop eating that amount of food, our bodies begin to store fat to get past the perceived famine that it is going through.

Research suggests that instead of dieting then eating large amounts of food or going off of your diet, you should instead find a healthy medium and eat that way all the time.

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