Exercise slows mental decline in older people

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USA, New York State, Old Westbury, Seniors stretching in park

Source: Tenet News

It is true that people tend to be less sharp mentally as they get older. They are slow to think, forget things, and have trouble doing things because of slow thought processes. A study by Neurology.com, suggests that exercise can slow this decline, and actually increase the brain’s power as people age.

The study considered a group of 876 people, all aged 71 or older, and were categorized by how much exercise they got, ranging from light to heavy. After seven years they were given an MRI and a battery of tests, and they were tested again five years after that.

The study showed that the brains of those that had little or no exercise had aged much more than those that got a lot of exercise.

Other studies show exercise increases the gray matter in the brain, and that helps with complex thought and decision making. Exercise is also a stress reliever, which also protects the brain. The study showed that even taking a brisk walk increases creative thinking.

The study shows that one’s physical activity has a direct relationship to the health of the brain, especially as people get older. The study shows an active lifestyle maintains mental health as we age.

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