Foods That Are Not As Healthy As You Think

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Source: burnfatloseweightfast

Everyone has that secret diet food that is supposed to crush your hunger and keep you on track longer. Though these foods have long been a standby for people who are on a strict diet, they may not be as good for us as we previously thought. One such food is light salad dressings. Though it may seem smart to cut a few calories here and there and save them for other foods, light dressings are full of added preservatives, sodium, and sugar that will not help you keep the weight off.

Another food that may seem good for you but that is in fact not is granola. Though some granolas are good for you because they are rich in vitamins, have plenty of rolled oats, and have tons of vitamins, many that you can buy at the grocery are full of sugar and calories. It is important to pay attention to the granola you choose as it can be very helpful in getting you your fiber.

Dried fruits are the last thing we are going to look at. Though dried fruit may seem like a great alternative to a sweet snack, many varieties can have more sugar than you need and can end up adding calories to your diet.

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