GABA Supplement Review

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Source: Supplement World

As more and more information becomes available across the Internet, there will be lots of products that make big promises but come short on deliveries. And many of those products will be marketed to deal with hard to measure issues, such as mental conditions. GABA supplements are one of these products.

Before taking any kind of supplement or medicine, it is important to understand what the material is and what it should do. GABA is already naturally produced by the body and is official known as gamma-aminobutyric acid. It functions as a neurotransmitter, which helps transfer chemical messages between brain cells. However, GABA’s effect slows down the message transfer versus speeding it up. This in turn creates a sensory feeling of sedation when undergoing extreme neuron activity. However, too much GABA and the body starts to shut down altogether and goes unconscious. So there’s a fine balance, and in most cases the body understand when to release GABA to trigger the neuron brakes on brain activity.

Source: Physiology Online

GABA is already produced by the body, and that production can be enhanced naturally by just taking Vitamin B6, which augments the GABA production cycle. Additionally, magnesium levels also need to be the right level for GABA to occur internally as well. Magnesium can also be ingested as a supplement. There is also Theanine which contributes to production as well. In all three of the solutions, the boost occurs to the production system, which the body can regulate and shut off internally if needed.

An actual GABA supplement first has to go through the digestion system in which most of it will be lost. Additionally, there is no proof that digested material can cross the brain-blood barrier and actually effect the brain itself. Yet there are plenty of anecdotal statements from users who feel that a direct GABA supplement improves relaxation, at least proving potentially that even a placebo effect can cause people heal on their own. If considering this kind of supplement, try it in smaller portions and measure the effects. If nothing happens, save your money. If you do feel better, continue and see how it goes.

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