GMO Health Dangers

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Source: modernfarmer

There are a number of dangers which are related to GMO, or Genetically Modified Organisms. The problem with GMOs is that they are not natural when compared to those organisms which have evolved over time from their environment. By adding GMOs to the environment, scientists are tampering with mother nature.

Regarding GM foods. If you eat GM foods, then you may end up paying a high price for it. There is a group called the AAEM, or American Academy of Environmental Medicine, which has warned against eating GM foods. A few of the risks which have been found to occur due to eating GM foods are things such as immune system problems, changes in major organs, infertility, accelerated aging, difficulty regulating insulin, and other gastrointestinal related issues.

According to the AAEM they believe that physicians should tell their patients not to eat GM foods. The FDA has also had its own scientists warn that GM foods are problematic in that they can cause side effects which are hard to detect. A few of the problems which FDA scientists found with GM foods are that they can cause new diseases and allergies to occur in those who eat GM foods.

Many of the FDA scientists who had issues with GM foods were calling for long term studies to be conducted on GM foods. However, the FDA ignored their warnings and went ahead with their plans. The FDA has since allowed for GM foods to be sold without labeling, meaning that GM foods can be found in nearly all foods sold in the US.

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