Greatest Health Risk: Body Fat or Body Size?

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Source: Ali Express

In looking at factors that affect longevity, a recent study now points to the amount of body fat an individual carries as more important that body size.

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently reported on the findings of a group led by Dr. William Leslie of University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada. As a professor of radiology and medicine, Dr. Leslie led a team that evaluated data from more than 54,000 adults. The subjects shared a common trait in that they had all had DXA scans that measured their bone density. As a by-product, the scans also provide information on individual body fat percentages.

Comparing the results with mortality rates in the group, the researchers determined that those men and women who were found with the largest amounts of body fat were the most likely to die within four to seven years. In fact, men were 59 percent more likely to die during this study if their body fat was at the top of the list. The differences were not as marked in women with higher body fat, although they still had a 19 percent greater mortality rate.

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