How Low-Carb Diets are Better Than Low-Fat Diets for Weight Loss

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Source: dietdoctor

With so many weight loss ideas out there today, it can be difficult to decide which diet may be the best route to take.  The Mayo Clinic in Arizona decided to take a closer look at low-carb diets, such as Atkins and South Beach.  They reviewed data looking for which diets are safe, effective for weight loss, and good for cardiovascular and metabolic health.  They found the definition of low-carb varies widely.  The review consisted of 41 trials to evaluate the effects of low-carb diets on weight loss versus a low-fat diet.

Researchers found those on the low-carb diet lost 2.5-9 pounds more than those following a low-fat diet.  While there has been little comparison research, their best conclusion was that a short-term low-carb diet appeared to be associated with greater weight loss and was safe.  They did note that the weight loss amount was low and there are no studies to conclude on the safety for long-term use.  The physicians recommend eating more whole foods than processed foods for cardiovascular and metabolic health.

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