Keeping Your Brain Fit Linked With Physical Fitness

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Source: Healing Drummer

While we already understand the importance of physical exercise to our general health, a team of researchers from the University of Illinois has associated aerobic fitness with an improvement in brain function. According to a study reported by U.S. News & World Report, this is because aerobic exercise results in more fibrous white matter, which is nerve tissue that is directly related to brain function and learning.

The recent study was based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) with specific technical parameters that enabled the researchers to trace white matter, which distributes nerve signals to various sections of the brain. The tracts of white matter that were studied are those that affect memory and attention span. Of the 9 and 10-year-old children participating in the study, 50% of them were in good physical shape and the other 50% were not in good shape physically.

Inactivity Affects Childhood Learning

Source: Active For Life

In general, only 25% of kids in America are getting the amount of physical activity that is recommended, as reported by U.S. News & World Report.  We now know that this pattern of decreased physical activity can result in lower scores academically. Even though the results of previous studies had already proven the importance of physical fitness to learning and memory in students, this more recent study also highlights a direct link between the structure of a child’s brain and physical fitness.

Source: Engadget

According to the research team that carried out the new study, the results raise important factors for public health policies and education. It is vital to reduce or do away with the sedentary schedule of the school day and increase the time spent in physical activity. This will result in improved attention and memory, which will lead to better all-around performance in school.

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