New Study Finds that Runners have Better Connected Brains

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Source: Science Daily

Our bodies are amazing and a recent study found that the brains of runners, avid runners that is, have greater functional connectivity than those brains of people that do not run.

The base of the study suggests that running is a fine tuned and complex task, much like playing an instrument, and that those individuals that run tend to have higher brain connectivity than those that do not.

It was found that this type of exercise is more likely to create these complex brain connections than something simpler like lifting weights or other activities. Running in this case, serves as both a healthy way to shed pounds and get in shape, as well as a way to increase and promote brain activity and brain connectivity overall.

The areas of the brain that are positively affected by running are the same areas of the brain that are negatively affected by age which means running may keep you young in more ways than one.

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