New Study Says Cycling in Cities w/ Heavy Air Pollution Still Better for Health than Driving

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Source: Iconosquare

While many believe it is best to refrain from breathing polluted air as much as possible, a new study suggests that this may not always be the case. A new study conducted on the benefits of cycling suggests that the benefits of cycling far outweigh the potential damage caused by air pollution.

The Details of the Study

Although air pollution contributes to 40,000 early deaths annually. regular exercise reduces instances of diabetes, heart disease, as well as several cancers. This means that hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths could be prevented if only people got more exercise. Moreover, most of the adverse effects of air pollution come only after one has been cycling for a minimum of 16 hours. This far surpasses the amount of time that most would ever spend cycling on any given day.

Overall, the benefits of cycling surpass the potential risks of air pollution. Although it is not ideal, the minimal amounts of air pollution one is exposed to while cycling will only have minimal side effects as opposed to the alternative.

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