New Study Shows Fitness Trackers May Not Provide Accurate Calorie Loss Information

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Source: Medical Daily

If you’ve been using your Fitbit regularly, you’ve probably come to rely on it for a variety of information throughout the day. However, there’s a new study showing that you might want to rethink the number of calories burned shown on the screen.

A recent study took 12 different fitness trackers (Fitbit included) and compared the results to more accurate counters that have been proven to calculate calorie loss. The subjects were either tested in a room or at home, depending on the study requirements, and in the initial experiment of those in the testing room had calorie discrepancies as many as 278 under or 204 above. In the second study of those at home, the devices typically underestimated (and some by as many as 590 calories.)

For the home participants, the differences may be partially accounted for by the removal of the device for activities like bathing, as they were urine tested for total calorie loss. However, with every metabolism operating differently, it’s not recommended to use these as a counter. It would be a better idea to be on an exercise regime recommended for your particular body type and weight.

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