Orangetheory Fitness

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Source: clarendonmoms

What Is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness, shortened to OTF, is a workout regimen that switches between a segment of cardio with specific heart rate goals – monitored on a looming screen – based on percentages of your maximum and a circuit of resistance training exercises. The instructor lets the class know which heart rate zone to be in during the cardio section, and then they monitor the technique of the class while telling them which resistance exercises to incorporate in the circuit.

How Does Orangetheory Fitness Measure Up?

OTF became popular from the appeal of the advertising claims of burning from 500 up to 1,000 calories during the workout and furthermore that an “after-burn” occurs which eats an additional 200 to 400 calories. On both accounts, the claims are not entirely outside the realm of plausibility, but they are higher than most people who do OTF will realize. OTF does provide a custom-tailored high-intensity interval training regimen that would undeniably lead to better fitness regardless of your current physical capabilities, and it is less likely to result in injury than some other forms of intense training. If you are tempted to try a course, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything more than a good sweat.

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