Is it “Real” Food?

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Source: War On Diabetes

Puddings, pies, and Jell-O-they’re all great, and even better with that sweet, white topping piled on top. In a flash, a ho-hum dessert can become a memorable end to a good meal. But is that whipped topping really food?

Read the Label?

Well, you can certainly try, but unless you have at least an M.S. degree in chemistry, you probably won’t be able to pronounce the ingredients, much less understand what they are (Oaklander 2014).

Many ingredients in the foods we eat are loaded with chemicals and additives known to be toxic to human beings (Stakal 2011).

For example, according to an article in Organic Authority, (Stakal 2011), most whipped toppings contain:

  • Hydrogenated oils. Known to cause heart disease
  • (High fructose) corn syrup.  Studies show that corn syrup causes obesity and may contribute heavily to diabetes
  • Xantham & guar gums: These are used to make foods thicker, but large amounts can cause stomach ailments.

So, what’s one to do? Maybe dust off grandma’s cookbook and make your own delectable whipped topping out of pure food.  Hint: heavy cream, vanilla flavoring, and sugar. Whip in a mixer or blender.

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