Shift work and heavy lifting can affect a woman’s fertility

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Source: Iconosquare

According to CNN, a paper published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that heavy lifting on a regular basis and doing shift work (i.e. evenings and nights) can affect a woman’s fertility. The effect is especially pronounced in overweight women.

The study examined 470 women seeking fertility treatment. Women who reported heavy lifting or shift work on the job were found to have both fewer mature eggs capable of developing into embryos and fewer eggs overall. The underlining cause of the effect has yet to be determined.

However some theories have been advanced. Women who lift heavy objects tend to be stronger than average, leading to heightened levels of testosterone which is known to have an impact on fertility. The circadian rhythms of women who do shift work are compromised, which can also affect fertility.

The next area of research will be to discover whether the effect is short term or long term.

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