Staying Healthy with Coffee and Wine

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Although drinking coffee and wine have long been viewed as culprits to our health, that line of thinking may be changing. According to a recent article in Consumer Report, moderate amounts of caffeine and wine may actually be beneficial. According to the report, 61 percent of all Americans drink coffee on a daily basis and 31 percent enjoy a nice glass of wine. Both beverage choices have similar benefits, although the down side to each one is different.

Benefits of Wine and Coffee

Both coffee and wine have been shown to increase life span, boost the flow of blood and lessen the risks of depression. They may also help prevent disease with their amounts of antioxidants. More than that, there is research to suggest that alcohol drinkers, whether it’s wine, beer or other spirits, decrease their chances of having a heart attack by 30 –35 percent over those who don’t drink. It’s also possible that caffeinated coffee helps reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. You can even get some of those benefits by drinking decaf, as both types of coffee have been shown to decrease the risk of Type II diabetes.

What to Watch Out For

Even with all the healthy properties found in coffee and wine, they are not beneficial to everyone. Too much coffee (even decaf) can cause or worsen acid reflux. Coffee with caffeine can cause or increase anxiety and disturb sleep. Two or three cups of coffee a day, over a long period, may lessen bone density that can result in osteoporosis. Wine and other types of alcohol, besides being fattening, can cause dehydration and certain types of cancer have been associated with the consumption of alcohol. Since everyone metabolizes coffee and wine differently, the rule of thumb is moderation.

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