Supplement Review: Fish Oil

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Source: Bio-Synergy

Fish oil supplements provide the necessary fatty acids the body need. The supplements come in two forms, Omega 3 or Omega 6. Eating plenty of fish and other animal products can also provide the same benefits. However, foods such red meats, and eggs contain rich levels of omega 6 fatty acids, for this reason fish oil is recommended to balance the ratio.

Taking fish oil supplements provides several health benefits. It decreases the risk of diabetes, and lowers the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer. Fish oil is also associated with reduced lipid levels in the blood vessel, and reduced plague buildup.

Individuals with low or moderate levels of stress can benefit from fish oil’s omega 3:6 supplements. The oil introduces eicosanoids to the body, which responds directly to stress. Fish oil has another benefit that many people find fascinating. This supplement increases the activity in the brain; although, the effects of its benefit is not immediate.

It may takes several days or several weeks before the full benefit of fish oil is felt. While fish oil is great for helping the body to maintain good health, it is also beneficial in reducing the levels of triglycerides found in the blood. People with high levels of blood should watch their intake of fish oil, seeing that while it does reduce triglycerides it also increases cholesterol levels.

As a precaution, fish oil should not be used solely for lowering triglycerides without speaking with a physician. Fish oil can cause an occasional “fish burp” which is easily avoidable by either freezing the supplements before taking them, or by taking them following meal time.

The minimum daily dosage of fish oil is 250g. The American Heart Association recommends taking 1g per day for healthy heart function, and to reduce soreness 6g daily is sufficient.

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