Sweat Analysis for Health

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Source: Yahoo

A university research team has created a soft wearable device that analyzes sweat to determine health and well being. Users simply place the quarter-sized device on their forearm or back while they exercise and the device collects sweat to analyze levels of chloride, lactate, glucose, and pH. The monitor can even detect the presence of certain biomarkers, such as the one for cystic fibrosis. It is thought that further work and development may provide applications in other areas of health care.

Created to be used with a smartphone, the device relays information and pictures to the app, allowing the user a full analysis during any point in the workout. This can help determine levels of hydration or other factors that need to be addressed during exercise. This monitor has been designed for single uses in exercise sessions of approximately three hours.

Described as skin-like, able to move with the body, and to withstand harsh climates, the device was created to collect sweat due to its wide range of chemical compounds. Through the biofluid collected, health information is gained and used to increase overall health and performance.

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