The Differences Between Coconut Oil and MCT Oil

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Coconut Oil

Source: The Lich Field Beauty Salon

Coconut oil is a natural oil that contains medium chain triglycerides. They are  fatty acids of a  medium length. These fatty acids go to the liver and are used for energy. This type of oil is used for weight loss, increased energy, and to fight infections. Some populations around the world eat coconut oil daily and maintain excellent health.

Coconut oil is an excellent oil for cooking.  It helps you burn calories and lose weight. This is because it goes to the liver and is used up quickly for energy. About 50 percent of coconut oil is made up of a fatty acid called lauric acid.  When ingested it produces a substance called monolaurin. When this is  combined with lauric acid it  kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Due to the way the fatty acids are broken down in the body it reduces hunger. This make a person dieting eat less food. Those hunger pangs are often what lead to snacking and eating the wrong type of foods in diets . Another positive benefit is that it  adds moisture to the skin and can be used as a sunscreen.  Organic or virgin coconut oil found is health food store or supermarkets is the best.


Source: Gldd MD

MCT oil is manufactured and the long chain fatty acids are removed through a manufacturing  process called fractionation. It is composed of medium chain fatty triglycerides that are found in most foods. MCT oil  has caprylic and capric fatty acids.   Due to its composition, less of it is used as fat so the body burns more calories losing weight.

MCT Oil acts like a carbohydrate rather than fat and goes to the liver to be used for fuel. This explains the increase in energy. It is known to help increase energy in athletes and those that suffer from fatigue. It helps decrease the appetite and increases fat burning in the body during exercise. It controls appetite and helps you eat less.

The difference is coconut oil is natural often used for cooking and diet. MCT oils are manufactured used for diet, athletic training and bodybuilding. Both are found in health food stores and some supermarkets.

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