The More Coffee You Drink, The Healthier You Could Be

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In this world, there are three types of people that exist. The very few who do not drink coffee at all and are missing out on beautiful mornings. The medium that enjoys coffee like fine wine by consuming 1-3 cups a day. On the far right of the spectrum are the coffee-holics… these individuals will drink coffee as if it is water. No matter how much coffee someone drinks, some is better than none when it comes to health.

For many individuals, coffee is used as a beverage to gain a boost of energy during the day. The caffeine in your cup of joe is healthier than receiving it from sugar filled energy boasting beverages. Recent studies have shown that having coffee on a daily basis is a step forward in regards to longevity.

Premature Mortality

There is no need to drink obscene amounts of coffee to see health benefits. One study shown that individuals who drink between three to five cups of coffee every day have at least a 15% lower chance of premature mortality. This also applies to those who drink decaf coffee as well.

The Ideal Amount

We all have different metabolisms, which mean that our perfect coffee intake is different. A study has shown that 2 cups (around 200 milligrams) of coffee is a great total for an enhanced cognitive function and sleep-deprived individuals.

Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Research in the past has shown that having a daily coffee habit has shown progress in decreasing the risk of strokes plus type 2 diabetes.

Overall, the next time you comment on someone’s coffee habit (especially at Starbucks) remember how much healthy goodness they are benefiting from as well.

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