Trial Shows That Beetroot Juice Lowers High Blood Pressure

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Source: Nutrition And Sports

Many people are consciously making healthier decisions on their liquid intake and leaving sodas behind for fresh pressed juices. However, little do many know about the benefits of common vegetables used in these mixtures. Recently, beetroot juice, with it’s high levels of a substance called ‘inorganic nitrate’, has shown to lower blood pressure in frequent consumers with hypertension.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London conducted a clinical trial to see the effects of test subjects with high blood pressure consuming 250ml of beetroot juice a day for four weeks. Upon observation during the trial, blood pressure levels dropped back into the ‘normal’ range for many of the patients. The following two weeks saw an increase back to previous unhealthy levels.

This news is exciting for the medical community as many patients are seeking out more natural solutions to their ailments. Beetroot juice has proven to have similar success rates to lowering blood pressure as traditional prescriptions making this a great addition to the many ways to help treat hypertension.

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