Vaping may raise your risk for heart disease

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Source: Daily Hive

Proponents of vaping, which uses an e-cigarette that delivers nicotine via water vapor rather than smoke, claim that it is healthier than using regular cigarettes. However, according to The Verge, a recent study published in JAMA Cardiology casts some doubt on that assertion. Vaping raises your risk of heart disease, just like smoking ordinary cigarettes.

The researchers at UCLA noted that the participants, people between 21 and 41 in the study, almost half of whom had been vaping for at least a year, had elevated levels of adrenalin in their hearts, which can in turn cause irregular heart rhythm and sudden heart attacks. Vaping also causes more oxidative stress, which leads to changes in blood fats, which lead to arteriosclerosis.

The researchers are unclear what is the exact cause of the increased risk of heart disease. But since cigarette smokers have similar results, and nicotine seems to be the common factor, that substance may well be the culprit. However, the study only included people who engage in vaping and nonsmokers, and not people who smoke regular cigarettes.

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