What is Fasted Training and Is It Right For Me?

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Source: Smart Girls Lift

The benefits of fasted training has been a long discussed topic. The idea behind the training is to work out on a completely empty stomach. The best way to do that is to work out first thing in the morning before you have a chance to eat and your stomach is naturally empty. You can also choose to work out later in the day after you have intentionally fasted for most of the day. Followers of this method argue that the body will work off of the fuel provided by the fat in our body rather than the fuel of the food you would have eaten.

The Proof Behind Fasted Training

There has been research that support the benefits of fasted training and research that shows that it doesn’t make a huge difference. However, the supportive research is compelling. Researchers noted in a UK study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, that participants that worked out in the morning before having a meal burned 20 percent more fat than participants that ate before the morning workout.

How Do You Start Fasted Training?

Incorporating fasted training into your workout sessions can be a simple and easy transition. You can either skip the meal hours before your workout if you intend on working out later in the day. This may mean skipping your lunch and 2 pm snack or it could just be skipping your evening snack depending on how often you eat. This method can be a bit more difficult as it will take your body to get used to skipping meals and may result in emotional ups and downs that can effect your workout. The best method is to workout first thing in the morning. Throughout the night, your body naturally fasts. While your body is resting at night, your body stores carbs and uses the fat to fuel your morning workout. It is a great method for weight loss and cardio.

Make Fasted Training Work For You

While fasted training is a great workout boost, it is going to have little to no effect if you are fasting from a usual diet of sugar, processed foods, starches, and loads of carbs. After your workout is complete, refuel your body with the good stuff like fruits, veggies, and proteins. Don’t waste a good morning workout by binging on sugary carbs that are no good for your body. Remember, your workout is only as good as your diet and effort. If both of those are in order, fasted training can work for you.

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