What’s More Important – Diet or Exercise?

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Source: Spider Tip

There is no denying that exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. In a recent study however, it was found that diet has a much more profound effect on general weight loss than exercise. The study found that you can achieve greater weight loss with a change in diet than you can by starting an exercise routine.

Source: Sites At Penn State

A great example of this is replacing a meal a day with a weight loss shake or meal substitution, this can produce a greater weight loss than adding a thirty minute workout to your routine. That does not mean however that you should focus only on diet change. Rather, it means that diet change is a great place to start when it comes to getting your weight loss routine started.

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The study also found that when you paired diet change and exercise that an even great result was achieved. Changing your diet and exercise routine has the ability to not only provide you with a healthier lifestyle but also has the potential to jumpstart and keep your weight loss going. Though it may seem difficult, with the right diet and exercise routine anyone can get healthy and can get started on the path to their goal weight.

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